(The webisode starts off at Mittens's house.)

Mittens: "Isn't this snow beautiful polar bear."

Polar bear: (Nods).

Mittens: "It's great that I can have a snow day whenever I want."

(The screen zooms out snow fells down gently.)

Mittens: "I think I'll invite my friends over so they can enjoy their snow day too."

(Crumbs and jewel shows up with their beach gear.)

Crumbs: "Hi mittens.Don'y you love this warm weather."

(Mittens and polar bear looks blank.)

Crumbs: "We're heading to the lake for a beach day."

Jewel: "We're going to swim and play in the sand and have lots of fun in the hot sun.come with us."

Mittens: "I'll uh think about it.I think snows are just as much fun as beach days and I'm gonna show my friends exactly that."

(She puts snow in her wagon and heads to the lake.)

(At the lake her friends are there.)

Mittens: "Think they're having fun now.Wait till we have a snowball fight."

(The snowball landed near Pillow she rolls over.)

Jewel: "What happen to the snowball."

Mittens: "Uh I guess it melted.Can I borrow your skis."

Jewel: "Sure why."

Mittens: "So I can go skiing of course."

(She at the top of a sand hill.)

Mittens: "Hey everyone watch this."

(She throws some snow on the sand and she goes skiing.)

Crumbs: "Wow that looks amazing."

(Mittens's snow melted and it turns into water.)

Jewel: "Yeah amazingly wet and messy."

Mittens: "Okay so that didn't work but what about an ice slide."

All: "Ohh wow."

(Mittens build an ice slide and polar tests it.)

Jewel: "That looks really fun."

(The girls line up for the slide.)

Mittens: "Here we go.Whee."

Jewel: "Whee."


Crumbs: "Fun."


(The sun melts the ice.)

Spot: "Wow."


(Jewel,Crumbs,And spot are soaking wet.)

Mittens: "Um anyone need a towel,I think we'll have to give up on our snow day we might as well head home."

Crumbs: "Wait mittens we need you."

Mittens: "You do."

Jewel: "Yes.Crumbs was just about give everyone hot cocoa."

Crumbs: "But it's too warm outside to have something so hot."

Jewel: "Maybe we can use your snow."

Crumbs: "And my cocoa powdear."

Mittens: "To make chocolate snow cones great idea chocolate snow cones coming right up."

(A few minutes later.)

Mittens: "One for you crumbs,One for you Spot,and One for Pillow when she wakes up."

Pillow: (Snoring).

Crumbs: "These are delicious mittens thanks so much."

Mittens: "Your welcome and thank you showing me how fun beach days can be once you add a little snow."

All: (Laughing).