(The webisode starts off at Peanut's house.)

Peanut: "Hop on elephant let's take my new unicycle for a spin."

(Elephant hops on too.)

Peanut: "I've never ride in one of these before but how could it be."

(She toke a ride on it.)

Peanut: "Pretty hard apparently,whoa."

(Cuts to mittens she is building an igloo.)

Peanut: "Whoa."

Mittens: "Hi peanut."

(She ruined her igloo.)

Peanut: "Whoa."

Mittens: "Bye peanut."

(Cuts to jewel she is performing a show for kitty.)

Jewel: "And now for the finale kitty."

Peanut: "Whoa look out."

(She ruins jewel's finale.)

Peanut: "Sorry jewel."

Jewel: "Becareful peanut."

Kitty: (Meows)(claps).

Jewel: "But kitty says good show."

(Cuts to Bea she selling books.)

Bea: "Books for sale get some great books to read."

Peanut: "Wha wha whoa."

(She bumps the table and the books scattered everywhere.)

Peanut: "I'll clean that later Bea I promise."

Bea: "Just Becareful peanut and watch where you're going."

(Realize that there's a book on her head.)

Bea: "Ohh I haven't read this one yet."

(Cuts to spot she is painting.)

Spot: "Ya know what this house is missing zebra polka dots please get the purple paint."

Peanut: "Look out we're coming."

(She is heading right for spot.)

Spot: "Careful peanut there's paint here and things could get really."


Spot: "Messy,Are you okay."

Peanut: "I'm fine and so is elephant but maybe we shouldn't ride this unicycle anymore."

Mittens: "Wait maybe you can ride it."

Bea: "If you use these training wheels."

(Bea puts the training wheels in peanut's unicycle.and she toke it for a spin.)

Peanut: "That's better thanks guys what will I do without you."

Jewel: "Probably crash into more stuff."

All: (Laughing).

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